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Project Finance
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Hatfield Oak Savings & Loan was today established to offer banking services to the clients of the Hatfield Oak International Group
Hatfield Oak Savings & Loan starts its operations. We wish all current clients of Hatfield Oak International welcome, and look forward to serve you in the years to come.

Hatfield Oak International Savings and Loan can provide our clients with Special Project Funding Program for Qualified International Project owners who are having difficulties in obtaining conventional construction and development funding from traditional local Banks and Financial Institutions.


  • Large Scale Funding:                    Small:             15M  - 50M USD

Medium:         50M  - 100M USD

Large:             above 100M USD


  • Easy Qualifying method:  We set our own rules and WE CAN HELP YOU

  • Zero or No Credit applicant:  We have solution for you regardless of your credit history. 

  • Minimum Down Payment:   We may refer you to third party of Angel or private Investors who can work with you to arrange the minimum required down payment

  • Direct Funding:   Minimum basic loan cost and due diligence fees

  • Most Loan fees and charges can be included in the total loan amount and are deducted at time of Funding Disbursement.

  • Broker or Local Loan Facilitators are welcome to work with us.  No specific license requirement for Loan Facilitator. We can pay broker or Loan Facilitator directly.

  • Low Interest Rate:  Direct funding, below market rate. We issue the loan.

  • Quick Turn-around time.  Project can be funded within 60-120 days.

  • SERIOUS APPLICANT ONLY.  Please do NOT approach us unless you are ready to submit the complete application and meet our requirements as said above.  This is Mandatory.



        We issue the Loan - We Set Our Own Rules -  We Can Help You


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